Upcoming show at Hundred Years Gallery – 16th March


Chris Godber Solo art exhibition at Hundred Years Gallery
Private view Thursday 16th of March 6.30 to 9.30
Silent Savages – Paintings 2021 – 20222 by Chris Godber
for MARCH 2022
At Hundred Years Gallery

An exhibition of my painting practice from 2021 to 2022 which has mostly explored human
portraits in imagined biomorphic environments as well as biomorphism of body, portraying an
emotional landscape. I have been building up a body of work which explores and
intersection of landscape and the figure – often morphing and blending the two in paintings
that dissolve and dance between representation and abstraction and altered perception,
exploring the representation of the ‘modern outsider’

Chris Godber is an artist and Painter originally from Congleton. Cheshire. He started painting
when he was in his early 20’s and discovered modern painting via Kandinsky and Picasso et
al. He has run various studio practices including in London, Manchester and Moscow as well
as being a key member in three art collectives and cooperatives as well as being a
contributor to theory with the Tunnel art collective. Primarily a painter he is currently based
near Edinburgh in Scotland, in Inverkeithing in Fife where he paints and writes in his home
studio. He also writes books, makes electronic music and is a computer programmer.

Artist Statement
I am a painter and Artist inspired by a variety of different styles and movements in my work,
I also find it next to impossible to sum up what painting is to me , but here is a rough
approximation of my thoughts –
The primary influences on my work include Expressionism (20th century and Contemporary)
modern British painting, abstract expressionism, the London School and futurism / cubism as
well as classical and modern visionary art (H.R Giger . William Blake )
My work often explores what I perceive as an interior landscape and I switch between
working from subject matter and my imagination. Often I start with an initial visualisation or
idea in my mind which I will then expand on as I work and thus improvisation and accident is
something I actively enjoy in my process . I enjoy the dance between accident and intent.
Some recurring themes I have explored in my work include portraying nature, the figure,
expressing emotional states as well as exploring the landscape of the mind.
My primary concern is what it is to be a human being at this particular juncture of time – Joy,
ecstasy, depression, debt and everything in-between.

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