About Chris Godber


Painter and digital artist

 I am a painter inspired by a variety of different styles and movements in my work, I also find it next to impossible to sum up what painting is to me , but here is a rough approximation of my thoughts –

The primary influences on my work include Expressionism (20th century and Contemporary) , modern British painting, abstract expressionism, the London School and futurism / cubism as well as classical and modern visionary art (H.R Giger . William Blake etc)

My work often explores what I perceive as an interior landscape and I switch between working from subject matter and my imagination. Often I start with an initial visualisation or idea in my mind which I will then expand on as I work and thus improvisation and accident is something I actively enjoy in my process . I enjoy the dance between accident and intent.

Some recurring themes I have explored in my work include portraying nature, the figure, expressing emotional states as well as exploring the landscape of the mind.

My primary concern is what it is to be a human being at this particular juncture of time – Joy, ecstasy, depression, debt and everything in-between.


Group Projects

I have worked on many different collaborative art projects including community projects, co-operatives and art / sound collectives

Group Projects

Below is a list of projects I have been involved in over the last decade.

The Apes of God (2021 – Present)

Member of this London based painting group

The Tunnel (2014 – Present)

Member / Writer / Tech Support / Design for this international art collective based in London

The Electric Picture House Co-op (2011 – 2016)

Former Director and Member of this NW England based Art Co-op – Gallery and Art Studios

NatureMagnet (2012 – 2015)

Former Member of this Music / art collective based in the NW England

Digital Production by Disabled People (2010 – Present)

Group of all disabled creative producers who work together through DPDP.


Exhibition history


 Silent Savages. Paintings by Chris Godber. 15 March to 2 April 2023 at Hundred Years Gallery Hoxton London

Metamorph – 23rd May – 25th May – at Hundred Years Gallery Hoxton London

2014: 26th April to 4th May Drown in It : Paintings 2012 – 2014 at the No Format Gallery, Woolwich London

2012: Saturday May 21st to May 29th Manic Miner Solo Exhibition at Electric Picture House, Congleton, Cheshire.

2011: Saturday Feb 26th to March 4th Maelstrom Work 2009/2010 Solo Exhibition at Victoria Mill Art Centre, Congleton, Cheshire.

Selected Group

Various Tunnel Group Exhibitions 2016 – Present

Hunger at Republic Gallery Fri 4th September to sun 6th September 2016 of September, London

Interzone 21st May to 22nd May 2016 at Geddes Gallery, London

The Wasteland March 2016 at The Asylum Chapel, Peckham London

Bang at 4 – 15th November 2015, Hundred Years Gallery, London

Friday October 2, 2015 to Tuesday October 6, 2015 Metamorthasis at The Rum Factory, London

Autocatalytic Future Games (curated by playpaint), 2015 No Format Gallery, London ( http://autocatalyticfuturegames.co.uk/ )

Project Space Launch at Project Space Gallery, Dec 2014 Vyner Street, London

Anonymous – Postcard Art Show, May 2014, No Format Gallery London

Various Group Jan 2014 to Feb 2014 Cultivate, Vyner Street London

Art is for Life not just for Christmas

21st November to December 8th 2013 Cultivate, Vyner Street London

2nd May 2013 Gallimaufry – Electric Picture House Group Exhibition,Crewe Hall, Crewe

1st Feb to the 23rd Feb 2013 – Love Exhibition – Electric Picture House, Congleton

Saturday 21st April to Saturday 5th May 2012 – Premiere Exhibition at The Electric Picture House, Congleton

15th March 2012 – Streets of Pattern, Lawton Street Congleton – New Media exhibition

21st June – 6th August Macabre Macclesfield at Marburae Gallery, Macclesfield

16th December to the 23rd December 2011: Revolution at The Electric Picture House, Congleton

30th September to the 23rd October 2011: When September Ends at Eggspace, Egg Cafe, Liverpool

17th June to the 25th June 2011: Lost and Found at Association House Macclesfield, Barnaby Cultural Festival 2011.

January 29th to 5th February 2011: Raw at Victoria Mill Arts Centre , Congleton, Cheshire – Group exhibition exploring the extreme , the strange, and the risqué

Thursday the 16th of September to Sunday the 19th September 2010: Life Is Like This at Madelaina Artz, Liverpool Independent Biennial Show

19th of June 2010: Victoria Mill Artists Group Exhibition at Teneight Studios Macclesfield, Barnaby Cultural Festival

27th March to 5th April 2009: Painting for Poverty Group Exhibition at Solomon Grundy, Manchester